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Welcome to ecpa2.0

The leading platform dedicated
to young public affairs professionals in Brussels


The European Centre for Public Affairs 2.0 (ecpa2.0) is a forum for young professionals to meet, discuss topics of mutual interest and share best practices in the evolving landscape of EU public affairs.  The platform was created in 2008 by several young public affairs professionals who wanted to exchange ideas and brainstorm about future developments and challenges in EU affairs. The aim of ecpa2.0 is to serve as a space for discussion on the public affairs practice in the European Union and how this can benefit from the ideas of young professionals. 

At ecpa2.0 we want to:

  • Discuss and generate debate on current issues relevant to EU public affairs

  • Bring new ideas into the debate on EU public affairs

  • Contribute to the professional development of young public affairs practitioners

  • Create a series of collaborative documents on policy issues

  • Share best practices on lobbying

  • Contribute to a dynamic and mutual exchange with other stakeholders and partners organisations


ecpa2.0 is open to every young professional who wants to be involved in the EU affairs environment, develop her/his network of contacts and contribute to the general debate on public affairs and lobbying. 

In order to attend ecpa2.0 events and activities, young professionals will need to become a member of the organisation. 

ecpa2.0 has two types of membership:


  • Full membership is open to all public affairs professionals under the age of 37 years at the time of application.

  • Associate membership is open to everyone with an interest in public affairs and the topics discussed within ecpa2.0

For only 50€ per year, you benefit from regular updates and invitations (free of charge) to:

  • debates with policy makers, public affairs practitioners and other stakeholders (business, civil society, trade associations)

  • trainings to develop your professional skills and career further

  • regular social and networking events

To know more about our structure and organisation, see our Rules of Procedure


Are you interested in getting more information about the membership at ecpa2.0?

Contact us at

You can also follow our activities and updates on Twitter and LinkedIn

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